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Once a week, during July and August, Bernard Quemeneur invites you to come on a guided Discovery Walk lasting about two and a half hours to either the Pointe de la Jument ("Sea" circuit), or the Chapelle de Kérinec ("Land" circuit). You set off from our Reception at the Yelloh! Village la Baie de Douarnenez and don't need to drive anywhere.

Groups vary in size from 10 to 20 people and include adults and children (over 10 years old, generally).

Each Discovery Walk has different points of interest. The "Sea" circuit lets you explore the surroundings of the Baie de Douarnenez, with wonderful scenic landscapes, and provides the opportunity to talk about the marine economy. During the "Land" circuit, our guide focuses more on the farming economy, religious heritage (Chapelle de Kérinec) and the prehistoric heritage (the dolmen and menhir at Lesaff).

These guided Discovery Walks are an extra FREE activity which we promote when you book to stay with us and when we welcome our customers.